Customer Effort Score

Find out why or why not Customer Effort Score (CES) outperforms Net Promoter and Customer Satisfaction scores. Is it better to satisfy rather than delight? Should 'making it easy' for your customers be your biggest priority?
Customer Effort Score (CES) is measured by asking a single question: “How much effort did you personally have to put forth to handle your request?”

17 August 2012

Reduce customer effort

Words such as “loyalty”, “engagement”, “community”, and “experience” describe a largely false relationship between customers and organizations.
“The IBM Institute for Business Value found that 60-65% of business leaders believe that consumers follow their brands on social media sites because they want to be a part of a community,” Patrick Spenner, wrote in Forbes in July 2012. “Only 25-30% of consumers agree. The top reason consumers follow a brand? To get discounts – not exactly ideal for a company’s bottom line.”

2 August 2012

Are in-store technologies revolutionising customer experience?

Driven by smartphone growth, examines the emergence of in-store retail technologies and their ability to deliver a seamless shopping experience. 
The proliferation of smartphones is changing not just customers’ expectations of how brands communicate with them online, but also offline. Always connected, technologically sophisticated customers are demanding seamless integration with their online touchpoints whilst shopping in-store.
In a bid to keep customers engaged and stay ahead of the trends, traditional retailers are turning to new technologies such as near field communications, augmented reality, image recognition and interactive TV. Recent research from Motorola Solutions revealed that 51% of store retailers are directing budgets towards in-store technology to improve customer service whilst 22% are investing in technology to fend off competition.